How to write a CV In 2020 - Best Way to write a cv

How To Write A CV In 2020 – Best Way

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Need a Job? how to write a CV in 2020 It is very easy just follow our instructions to learn how to write a CV in 2020 in the best way and maximize your opportunity of getting a job.

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Creating your best CV look like it is a hard task to do, but if you download our free CV templates and follow our instructions you’ll find it very easy to amaze the employer from the first line till the end of your CV.

How to write a CV in 2020 ?

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How to write a CV in 2020 ?

How to write a cv in 2020
How to write a cv in 2020

When you begin writing your CV, you will make this task very easy if you prepare your information in advance. First on a draft paper begin listing your achievements and your old jobs with dates and position in every job.

You should know that your CV shouldn’t be longer than two printable pages, and you should focus on the structure to be very well to get the employer attention.

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– Free Download CV Templates

Before thinking of How to write a CV in 2020, First you should download the CV Template, you can choose any free template on and then download it and start editing.

Check This Free CV Builder with Free Templates

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Some CV templates you should pay to get them because they have a professional structure and also well designed by graphic designers.

What do employers look for in a CV?

What do employers look for in a CV
What do employers look for in a CV

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– Modify Your CV To Fit The Job

If you are thinking in how to write a CV in 2020 to make the employer chooses you then read this insturctions.

In general most of people think that when they finish their CV then the job is finished and they can start attaching it for every job application. Somehow this strategy is true but you should be careful to adjust your CV in the right way to fit the job.

This task doesn’t mean that you should write a new CV for every job application, but you should modify and highlight specific skills, achievements or experiences that will make the employer like your application and begin thinking that your skills will help him in his company.

Don’t forget to make your homework on every job application you apply. Every company has it is own business, so you should make a deep research about the company you are applying to. You can surf their website and social media platforms to learn sufficient information about the company.

– Your Goal Is To Be The Best Candidate

How to write a CV in 2020 to win the job ?

When employers begin reading your application they will be searching for specific signs in the new employee. So the best candidate will change from one vacancy to another.

In addition to your work experience there are some traits skills and experiences employers search for.

– What are the Best skills to mention on your CV ?

How to write a CV in 2020 filled with attractive Skills.

  • Management Skills
  • Finish Tasks within time
  • Leadership and Teamwork
  • Problem Solver
  • High Communication Skills
  • Commercial Analysis and Awarness
  • Providing Best Customer Service and Care
  • Extra Achievements you’ve learn or made in addition to your educational degree
  • Computer Skills
  • Commitment and enthusiasm

What makes yourself the ideal candidate for the job?

How to write a CV in 2020 to be the ideal candidate ?.

Now you’ve understood what employers are watching in your application. So be yourself while writing your CV and don’t fake yourself or your skills and education to take the job.

What is the best format for your CV?

What is the best format for your CV
What is the best format for your CV

What are the CV types and how to write a CV in 2020 for each type ?

When you begin writing your CV, always focus on how to order your experiences in a well designed structure to make it easy to understand.

The most popular CV formats are Reverse Chronological and Skills-Based.

– Skill-Based CV

A skill-based CV is the most powerful CV if you are applying for a job you don’t have enough old experience in it. How to write a CV in 2020 with skilled-based CV?.

So your gained skills will make you eligible for the job if they can be transferred to fit the new job.

  • Write All your skills first
  • Choose the best five skills that fit the job you are applying to and don’t forget to give examples on each skill.
  • Then, List your achievements and work experience with dates and summaries

– Reverse Chronological CV

A Chronological CV is the perfect CV if you want to apply to a job that you have many experience in it or your educational level fit it.

  • List your old work experience and achievements in descending order so the latest job will be on the top
  • Briefly describe your achievements and skills learned from each job in very small amount of words.
  • At the end of your CV summarize your skills in well structured way and don’t repeat the same skills many times.

What to add in your CV ?

What to add in your CV
What to add in your CV

How to write a CV in 2020 with rich content ?

after choosing the structure and layout of your CV, you should add some content. Follow my instructions to add the correct information:

  • Brief Personal Summary
  • Explain how you gained your skills
  • Link your skills in job description
  • Personal Interests

What is the Best Structure for your CV ?

What is the Best Structure for your CV
What is the Best Structure for your CV

The structure is the main part of our tutorial ” How to write a CV in 2020? “

If you want to make a professional CV then you should structure your CV in this order to guarantee that your CV is done in the right way.

– Contact Information

  • Begin with your full name and using a clear font at the beginning of the page.
  • Add Your current Address and if you’re moving to a new address you should mention that.
  • Your Birth date
  • Your Email Address
  • Your Mobile Number
  • You can add your social media profiles (“LinkedIn, Twitter, Personal Website…”)
  • Your Nationality
  • Mention that you have a driving license if it is useful for the job

Tip: To make the first impression looks perfect I prefer to buy a domain name that is made up from your name. Example if your name is Alex John then you can make a website .

Then create a web email using your domain so you can create an email like [email protected] instead of using (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc).

– Personal Summary (optional)

You can write a brief description about your life story and who you are and what type of jobs you are searching for.

For example: ” I’m a graduate Business administration student and currently I’m looking for a full time job in trading to complement skills I can give to your company.”

– Education and qualifications

In this part of your CV you should order you education levels in descending order form newest till oldest from university to school with dates and majors.

If you don’t have enough space in your CV you can use abbreviations for example instead of writing Bachelor Degree you can write BS.

– Work Experience

As we did in the education and qualification part we should order our working history in descending order and mention position and company name.

You can also mention if your work was full or part time and you can mention your voluntary work or interneships.

It is very important to mention when you start the job and when you left the job.

– Achievements (Optional)

– Hobbies and Interests (Optional)

– References

To increase the strength of your CV you should have references. You can mention two contacts, first contact for academic and second contact for last job you’ve worked. At the end you can write “References available upon request”

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