How to Buy Bitcoin Online 2020

How to buy Bitcoin Online in 3 easy steps

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Learn how to buy Bitcoin online in 3 easy steps. Bitcoins is the best way to make money online by investing in this cryptocurrency to make profits.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin () is a cryptocurrency without a central bank “decentralized”. All transcriptions are done by network node via cryptography and listed on blockchain. Bitcoin started in 2009 by team named “Satoshi Nakamoto”.

Bitcoins are cash or rewards for mining process, and these bitcoins can be exchanged into other currencies or you can use them in shopping online.

if you want to know How to buy Bitcoin Online ? Continue reading the article

4 Hints About Bitcoins

I spent many time on researching everything about How to buy Bitcoin Online and that is what I got:

  1. Secure : it is very secure becuase all transactions are encrypted and recorded in Blockchain
  2. Decentralized : There is no central bank who control this currency
  3. Unorganized : You can’t get money back if you make a transaction by mistake
  4. Very Quick: No more waiting for transaction to be transferred

Do I Have To Buy A Bitcoin?

If you want to invest in Bitcoin you don’t need to buy 1 Bitcoins because it is very expensive. You can buy in 10$ bitcoin.

There are many types of people who buy Bitcoin, but each type focuses on specific goal.

  • Some people buy bitcoins because they want to know what is bitcoin and how it works so they make a small investment to understand.
  • Some people buy bitcoins because they want to make profits so they always buy and sell bitcoins.

I will give you an advice, first buy bitcoins in a small amount of money then make some exchanges into another cryptocurrencies then make exchange into USD.

When you finish this process you will understand how bitcoins exactly works so you will not be confused anymore and then you will begin in the big investments.

How To Buy Bitcoin Tutorial

I will tell the exact steps that I used after searching for How to buy Bitcoin Online.

I always asked my self how to buy a bitcoin online ? but I always get afraid of getting scammed till I found the best website.

There are many websites that provide these services but what website should I use and how much the website is secure ?

You need just 4 things before buying Bitcoin:

  • Bitcoin Address : A Code “Public Key” specialized for you that allow s you to receive Bitcoins same as IBAN number in the banks.
  • Bitcoin Wallet : Is a place where your Bitcoins are stored same as Banks where you store money at.
  • Bitcoin Exchange: A website that provides you an exchange service to exchange USD into Bitcoins.
  • Payment Card: Any debit or credit card that contains cash money for buying bitcoins

How to buy Bitcoin Online in 3 easy steps

After many researches on How to buy Bitcoin Online I found that Coinbase is the best website for buying and exchanging Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies.

1- Setup Coinbase Account

  • First go to Coinbase Website and then fill the short form and create your account. Coinbase is the best answer for How to buy Bitcoin Online.
How to Buy Bitcoin Online
How to Buy Bitcoin Online
  • Verify Your Email Address
  • Verify Your Mobile Number for second factor authentication to secure your account
Setup Coinbase Account
Setup Coinbase Account
  • Verify Your Identity: Change your legal name by verifying an ID document . First Sign in to your account and then Click Here

2- Add Payment Method

Open Coinbase Dashboard and scroll down to “Add a payment method” button and click on it.

You can add debit or credit card as you want with a small bank transfer fee.

3- Buy Bitcoins

In Coinbase Dashboard Click on Trade or Buy now.

Select the cyrptocurrency you want here we will select Bitcoin

Enter the amount of money you want to pay. Price of bitcoins always vary so wait till you reach the price you want.

Click on Buy Bitcoins then they will be in your wallet. Congrats !!.

In portfolio tab you will find all your transactions.

And here is the answer of the question How to buy Bitcoin Online .

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