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Best Android Games 2020 – Top 25 Android Games

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When you go to Google Play Store you will find thousands of games. But the question what are the best android games 2020 to download.

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Best Android Games 2020

If you are searching for the best android games you are in the right place. To make it easy for you we divides the best android games into categories and under each category the android games are listed.

RPG Games – Shooter Games – Puzzle Games – Platformers – Strategy Games – Sims Games – Racing Games

RPG Best Android Games

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RPG “Role Playing Game” it is a game where players suppose to control the roles of characters in a fictional mode it is the Best Android Games 2020.

Players will be responsible for doing actions and decisions within a narrative.

– Battle Chasers: Night War

4.6/5 Rating

BattleChasers: NightWar is an honor winning JRPG that offers one of the most complete portable RPG encounters you’ll play — and that is finished as in there’s no in-application buys or paid DLC to stress over. Thank heaven!

Everything about this game is cleaned and finished, and it begins with a powerful over world that is loaded up with concealed cells to investigate, epic managers to bring down, and different shocks en route.

Battle Chasers Night War

Battle Chasers: Night War

Price 10$

– Death Road to Canada

4.7/5 Rating

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Death Road to Canada is a $10 (But now it is in 0.99$) game — I need to open with that just to get the sticker stun off the beaten path before I talk about how wonderful this cracking game is and it is the Best Android Games 2020.

Confronting a zombie end of the world, you should lead a crude crew of to some degree intriguing characters on a savage crucial the overall wellbeing of Canada. En route, you’ll have to investigate and plunder places for provisions, while likewise dealing with your group’s wellbeing and spirit.

Everything in Death Road to Canada is haphazardly created, making each play-through an exceptional involvement with this dynamic excursion activity RPG.

You can haphazardly create your character and amigo or hand craft your beginning characters with various ascribes to assist them with remaining alive, however you presumably would prefer not to get too joined except if you’re a great shot. Don’t miss this amazing game it is Best Android Games 2020

Death Road to Canada

Death Road to Canada

Price 0.99$

– Evoland 2

4.2/5 Rating

Evoland 2 titles are such amazing games that I needed to remember them for one section. Other than exemplary RPGs, the Evolands represent probably the most time I’ve placed into portable games it is Best Android Games 2020.

They each take you through the historical backdrop of gaming, growing and advancing as you experience them. It’s a novel method to introduce an activity experience, without a doubt.

There’s a lot of diversion, easter eggs, and general references to the incredible rounds of the past that characterized this amusement medium.

You’ll go from 2D monochrome to 3D ongoing battle as you progress, opening new gaming advances that change how you play. You’ll be unable to discover something as novel as these.

Evoland is the Best Android Games 2020 you can download it form Google Play Store

Evoland 2

Evoland 2

Price 3.99$

– Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

4.3/5 Rating

I experienced difficulty picking only one great RPG for this rundown, since we have a few to look over. At last, I went with Knights of the Old Republic, otherwise called KOTOR, for this rundown and it is the Best Android Games 2020.

For one, Star Wars is a colossally famous establishment and I think this is a game worth playing on the off chance that you appreciate that universe. Initially made by BioWare in its prime, KOTOR is an awesome story.

Going past that, I dread I’ll get into spoilers, so I’ll leave it at that. KOTOR is viewed as outstanding amongst other RPGs, time and I would be unable to oppose this idea.

Star Wars™ KOTOR

Star Wars™: KOTOR

Price 9.99$

Shooters – Best Android Games

Like shooting Games? At that point this class is only for you. From first-individual inundation to third-individual top-down, these games are loaded up with activity and shots. What else do I have to state?

– Call of Duty Mobile

4.5/5 Rating

There was a huge amount of promotion encompassing Call of Duty Mobile all through the beta and in front of its worldwide dispatch and it is the Best Android Games 2020.

And to the credit of Activision and TiMi Studios (a backup of Tencent Games) the game is exceptional and was legitimately chosen as outstanding amongst other versatile games discharged in 2019.

It just keeps on showing signs of improvement in 2020. In the most recent update, it’s presently offering an exceptional new 20 versus 20 Battle Royale mode called Warfare.

A gigantic motivation behind why the game plays so well can be credited to Tencent Games. It claims the versatile shooter space with PUBG Mobile, another game that is highlighted on this rundown, and devotees of that game will perceive the natural UI and astonishing ongoing interaction execution that has been flawlessly enhanced for portable.

CoD Mobile utilizes the numerous notable multiplayer maps from the Call of Duty establishment and truly works admirably deciphering the quick paced activity that makes the game so amusing to play on different stages.

Call of duty Mobile

Call of Duty®: Mobile

Price Free


4.7/5 Rating

JYDGE is a coarse and brutal top-down twin-stick shooter that is a flat out impact to play. You are the JYDGE, a computerized requirement official who utilizes his Gavel (see: BIG cracking weapon) to give out RoboCop-style equity and it is the Best Android Games 2020.

Each level highlights various difficulties that are required to advance however never feel like a trudging errand. In that manner, JYDGE holds the maverick like component from its ancestor Neon Chrome by urging you to replay levels with various overhaul blends until you complete all the difficulties and it is the Best Android Games 2020.

With a game that has you replay levels again and again, it’s basic for a game to find that blend of extraordinary ongoing interaction with a fascinating soundtrack that isn’t too irritating or dull — and JYDGE totally conveys.

Look at my full audit in the event that you need all the more persuading.



Price 9.99$

– PUBG Mobile

4.4/5 Rating

It’s inconceivable how well PUBG Mobile plays on Android. What started as a massive 100-player battle royale game has continued forming and advance into the unrivaled best action shooter game for adaptable and it is the Best Android Games 2020.

Drop into gigantic maps stacked with weapons, ammo, key mechanical assembly, and vehicles in commendable battle royale modes. You drop in as a free player or as a significant part of a gathering and ought to use all your best aptitudes to cut down your adversaries until you’re the sole survivor.



Price Free

– Tesla vs Lovecraft

4.4/5 Rating

Tesla vs Lovecraft is the most recent game from Finnish Developers 10tons Ltd and it’s a genuine treat.

The game pits Nikola Tesla and his howdy tech innovations against a vindictive H.P. Lovecraft who has released unlimited floods of nightmarish beasts that will rapidly swarm around you except if you retaliate and it is the Best Android Games 2020.

This is an amazingly cleaned game that twin-stick controls for moving and shooting. The crusade steadily increments in trouble with well more than 200 adversaries bringing forth on screen at once in the event that you aren’t quick with your trigger finger.

Luckily, there are catalysts and advantages in abundance which are open in maverick like design. You gather XP as you kill beasts and get another advantage each time you level up.

Catalysts and weapons haphazardly generate on the guide and you’ll additionally need to gather the six pieces required to construct Tesla’s mech which can chop down any swarm quite expeditiously.

Tesla vs Lovecraft

Tesla vs Lovecraft

Price 9.99$

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Puzzle – Best Android Games

Ideal for when you need to kill some time, puzzle games are very common on the Play Store and some of them are even acceptable. Some make you think or work to get your brain around their center ideas.

– Chameleon Run

4.5/5 Rating

Distributed by the fine people at Noodlecake Games, Chameleon Run is an auto-sprinter that tests your response time in manners that may hurt your mind a piece and it is the Best Android Games 2020.

The name of the game is speed as you bounce and run across hued stages. You have unique bounce aptitudes and the capacity to change shading, and you must endure each course however you’re just permitted to contact questions that coordinate your shading and it is the Best Android Games 2020.

Chameleon Run

Chameleon Run

Price 0.99$

– Holedown

4.7/5 Rating

It’s elusive an enjoyment puzzle game that doesn’t attempt to sell you on catalysts or additional lives or something and it is the Best Android Games 2020.

That is the main reason why Holedown is the best puzzle game in 2018. Holedown will have you deliberately impacting through deeply of heavenly bodies.

Beginning with space rocks and stirring your way up to the Sun, utilizing the great gaming equation of skipping balls off squares and it is the Best Android Games 2020.

Every block has a number that speaks to the quantity of hits expected to wreck it, or you can pulverizing a supporting square get out everything above it.



Price 3.99$

– Monument Valley 2

4.8/5 Rating

That’s right, I’m cheating once more, however simply because I venerate both of these games to such an extent. I’d be unable to state which is my top choice: the first or the one that developed the center ideas? Since I can’t choose, you get them two here.

Chances are, you’ve at any rate known about Monument Valley previously. It’s well known for an explanation with its immortal ongoing interaction, excellent craftsmanship configuration (that is as often as possible replicated), and moderate story and it is the Best Android Games 2020.

Revise the fantastical engineering, appreciate the surrealism and climate, and drench yourself in directing the quiet princess to her objective. In the spin-off, accomplish business as usual, however for a bigger scope.

I don’t locate that is considerably more to state. In case you’re a fanatic of riddles and you haven’t evaluated Monument Valley, at that point I strongly suggest that you do as such.

Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2

Price 4.99$

– The Room: Old Sins

4.9/5 Rating

The Room: Old Sins is the best puzzle game from Fireproof Games.

You are investigating the home of a goal-oriented specialist who has disappeared when you discover a fairly exceptional dollhouse in the upper room and it is Best Android Games 2020.

Utilizing a refined eyepiece you’re ready to investigate various rooms in the dollhouse that are loaded up with unbelievably modern riddle boxes and contraptions.

There’s something extremely bizarre going on here, so perhaps in the event that you can explain all the riddles you’ll make sense of what befell the missing specialist and his significant other, so don’t miss the Best Android Games 2020.

the room old sins

The Room: Old Sins

Price 4.99$

– Vectronom

4.2/5 Rating

I love finding the eccentric outside the box titles that consistently figure out how to fall into the breaks of the Google Play Store, not accepting the advancement and consideration that they legitimately merit and it is the Best Android Games 2020.

Vectronom falls into that classification, conveying an enamoring experience that unions level structure and music together to make a riddle platformer that you play as much with your ears as you do with your fingertips and it is the Best Android Games 2020.



Price 5.49$

Platformers – Best Android Games

– Dandara

4.6/5 Rating

– Grimvalor

4.6/5 Rating

– Oddmar

4.5/5 Rating

Strategy – Best Android Games

– Majesty

– Mindustry

– Mini Metro

Sims – Best Android Games

– Godus

– Graveyard Keeper

– Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


Racing – Best Android Games

– Asphalt 9: Legends

– GRID Autosport

– Mario Kart Tour

These are the Best Android Games 2020 you can downoad them from google play store.

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