Copy Sam File using CMD

Easy 1 Trick To Copy Sam File using CMD

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Easily Copy Sam File using CMD with this simple command. Just open the command prompt and paste the code the in it.

Copy Sam File using CMD

Open Command Prompt “cmd”:

To copy sam file type: reg save HKLM\SAM %userprofile%\desktop\sam

To copy system file: reg save HKLM\SYSTEM %userprofile%\desktop\system

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What is SAM file and how hackers can benefit from it ?

Security Account Manager “SAM” is a file or database that stores the password of the windows users. It is found in all versions of windows.

Hackers copy the sam file and put it inside password dumper tools to get the hash code of the user.

Then they put the hash that they extract it into a password cracking tool to decrypt the password found.

Then the hacker will have the password of the pc

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