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Moeorr Spam Bot is the best spam bot and chat spammer. It can be used in Games, Whatsapp, Facebook and all other chat applications.

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Moeorr Spam Bot – Chat Spammer

What is a Spamming?

Spamming is the utilization of informing frameworks to send a spontaneous message (spam), particularly promoting, just as sending messages over and over on a similar site.

While the most broadly perceived type of spam is email spam, the term is applied to comparative maltreatment in other media.

Types Of Spamming “Examples”

  • Texting spam
  • Usenet newsgroup spam
  • Web index spam
  • Spam in web journals
  • Wiki spam
  • Online ordered promotions spam
  • Cell phone informing spam
  • Internet discussion spam
  • Garbage fax transmissions
  • Social spam
  • Spam portable apps
  • TV publicizing and document sharing spam

What is Chat Spammer ?

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Chat Spammer is a tool that perform chat spamming which is the process of repetition of specific text set by the spammer and sent through the chatting system.

Most of social media websites and games have a chatting system which allow players or users to contact each other through this application.

The player or user set the spam text and apply some settings on it for the speed of repetition and how many time the text will be repeated then he go the the chat room or chatting page and start activating the spam which will flood the system with high amount of messages with the same text.

Many games and websites set rules to protect the user from spamming so the spammer will be banned if he apply the spam in a wrong way.

Some servers will give you a limit of messages after that you will be muted or kicks, and some servers they stopped the “Copy Paste” features in their games.

Moeorr Spam Bot

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Moeorr Spam Bot is a program designed to spam any chatting area in any application, website or game. It is a tool designed for Windows operating system.

Moeorr Spam Bot - Chat Spammer
Moeorr Spam Bot – Chat Spammer

How To Use Spam Bot ?

  • Set the spam text you want to send
  • Set the speed of spamming. You have three speed choices Normal, Turbo or you can set up the speed by seconds
  • Set how many times the spam bot will repeat the message
  • Click on the area you want to spam it, for example if you are using a chat application click on the message area
  • Press F2 to start spamming
  • Press F4 to stop spamming

Whatsapp Spam Bot

To use this tool on Whatsapp first you should go to then scan Qr Code and login to your whatsapp.

Whatsapp Spam Bot - Spam Bot For Whatsapp
Whatsapp Spam Bot

After you logged in click on any contact you want to spam then open the tool and set the settings and click spam.

Facebook Spam Bot

Facebook Spam Bot
Facebook Messenger

To apply this spam on Facebook, go to then go to messages then click on any contact and then set the settings and click spam

Instagram Spam Bot

For Instagram go to which is the inbox link and then select the contact and apply the spam.

Learn How To Use Instagram on Computer

Games Spam Bot

For Games it is different from social media websites because most of games are full screen and it is hard to go out of the game to activate the Games Spam bot.

Moeorr Spam Bot - Games Spam Bot
Games Spam Bot

First Open Moeorr Spam Bot and then set the settings but don’t cick start. Go to the game and use hotkeys to activate the spam bot.

When you open the Game and select the area you want to spam Press F2 to start the bot and then Press F4 to stop the bot.

with regards to video games, alludes to the rehashed utilization of a similar thing or activity.

For instance, “explosive spamming” is the demonstration of a player tossing numerous projectiles in progression into a region.

In battling games, one type of Games Spam Bot is execute a similar hostile move or combo so often in progression that one’s rival doesn’t get an opportunity to get away from the arrangement of blows.

Free Download Moeorr Spam Bot

Moeorr Spam Bot is a free tool developed by Moeorr Channel and you can also find many free hacking tools at Moeorr Software.

5 Steps To Protect Yourself From Spamming

Never give out or post your email address freely

You ought to recall that everybody can without much of a stretch access the Internet.

That implies, spammers are additionally hiding on the Internet and are continually looking for accessible email tends to which they will send spam messages to.

Posting your email address openly permits others to send spam messages to you, or more terrible, hack your record on the off chance that you are utilizing a frail secret key.

Think before you click

There may be occasions where your email specialist co-ops’ robotized email channel erroneously mark authentic messages as spam email because of its substance (for example the email contains a hyperlink).

Notwithstanding, much of the time, messages set apart as “SPAM” or diverted to the spam envelope of your post box are sent by spammers.

Subject of spam messages ordinarily incorporate idea of modest doctor prescribed medications, commercials on new meds, and status of bundles from transportation organizations.

Ensure that you investigate the substance of spam messages before opening any connections (regardless of whether it would seem that a guiltless content or picture record) or tapping on hyperlinks.

Cease from downloading substance hindered by your email specialist co-ops in such messages as well.

Try not to answer to spam messages

Practically all spam messages are noxious messages sent by obscure sources.

These sources could be programmers who intend to hack into the PCs of their casualties.

Never react to spam messages in light of the fact that through this, the spammer will realize that the email address is dynamic and consequently.

Download spam sifting instruments and hostile to infection programming

Spam separating devices and against infection programming can assist with examining the messages that you got for malware.

This assists with easing the opportunity of messages containing malware from tainting your PC.

All things considered, do choose spam sifting instruments and hostile to infection programming with such highlights to lessen your misfortunes of decoding email substance.

Abstain from utilizing your own or business email address

Try not to utilize your own or business email address while enrolling in any online challenge or administration, for example, applications, bargain refreshes, and so on.

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